International Center For

Self Care Research


The international center for self care research works with a multitude of world-renowned self care research and advocacy institutions.

Australian Self-Care Alliance

The Australian Self-Care Alliance is a collaboration between healthcare consumers, health promotion charities, policy experts and industry partners that promotes the adoption of self-care and its implementation as a core element of all aspects of physical and mental health services and policies for Australia.

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Self-Care Lab at the University of Kentucky

The Self-Care Lab (SCL) is the first known lab specifically dedicated to empirically investigating self-care among helping professionals. SCL conducts broad ranging research and training for social workers, educators, nurses, law enforcement, and students, among others. To date, SCL has established an array of formal partnerships with researchers and academic institutions around the world. Through its work, the lab seeks to address potentially toxic employment conditions.

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International Self-Care Foundation

International Self-Care Foundation (ISF) is a UK registered charity, with a global focus on championing self-care through healthy lifestyles. We are funded by donations and grants and operate independently of all commercial interests.

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Global Self-Care Federation

The Global Self-Care Federation is a federation of regional and national associations, and manufacturers and distributors of nonprescription medicines on all continents. We are a Swiss association based near Geneva, Switzerland.

They support the development of industry associations around the world to aid in the understanding and development of responsible self-care and self-medication. The Global Self-Care Federation requires member associations to develop voluntary codes of advertising practice and encourages consumer-friendly labeling.

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WHO Community of Practic – Self-Care Interventions for Health

The World Health Organization’s community of practice for self-care intervention for health consists of members who share the common goal of developing and improving tools which support the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a health worker

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