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Self-Care vs Self-Soothing: The Hijacking of Science by the Marketing Industry

Self-Care vs Self-Soothing: The Hijacking of Science by the Marketing Industry           The term self-care is everywhere these days. It’s the headline on magazines, touted as the solution to tumultuous politics and economic struggles due...

Self-care Characteristics of Chinese Residents

Tong Yue, Dalian University, China Due to the special historical and cultural characteristics, as well as the rapid economic development in recent years, Chinese residents had a lot of changes in their health needs and lifestyles. They gradually formed self-care...

Maslow Before Bloom: An Overdue Movement

Carly Welsh, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Theodore Roosevelt once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. School is a central component of our society, and its place in the community is changing- or at least it’s...

Urban Greenspace and Mental Health – Lack of Preservation May Negatively Impact Penn Community

Lisbette Hernandez, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing  Since its founding year, the University of Pennsylvania has expanded its borders so that its reach pans out much more than its central campus. For new and incoming students unfamiliar with the city...

Plant-Based, Whole Food Diet as a Self-Care Regimen

Broke Engelbrektsson, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing A trend rising in popularity in the United States and around the world has the animals, environment, and healthcare providers shouting for joy. This trend? Plant-based eating, or veganism for short. In...

Importance of Sleep Quality for Hospitalized Individuals

Sharla Keough, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing We all understand how important a good night’s sleep is for our health. We try to incorporate practices into our daily routine in order to help us achieve a high-quality rest to prepare for the next day’s...

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