Responding she brought out Clayface, concealed because Batman, to provide on Joker once the her current

“The final Laugh”

With the Joker’s birthday celebration, Harley Quinn unexpectedly arrived at the bottom of his tower claiming to have something special getting him. He mockingly stated exactly how the guy slain Poison Ivy deliberately, but Harley insisted that she try practical, you to definitely she wanted to get on the brand new “winning top”, which the Joker said is actually a little adult regarding this lady. That it thrilled new Joker, exactly who insisted you to definitely Harley sing “Happier Birthday celebration” so you can your, however, this triggered Clayface to-burst aside for the track also, revealing to your Joker that wasn’t the actual Batman.

He and became Batman toward a cuckoo time clock, and you may manage electrocute him for fun

Panicking, Harley take to a skyrocket at Joker’s tower, forcing him to dodge. However, this new blast interrupted the real Batman, who had been seeking to ambush the fresh Joker while he is actually distracted, merely for a lengthy period on the Joker to remember him and behave. The fresh Joker escaped on the center of one’s tower and you can erected a defensive dome up to themselves, of which part knock-away fuel started initially to flood the bedroom, slamming out Batman and you can allowing your to-be seized. Brand new Joker following resumed demand of tower’s security expertise, extending hooks to recapture each one of Harley’s staff except her, whom nimbly dodged and you will escaped the ammo the tower sample immediately following the woman.

That have Batman, the fresh Legion away from Doom, therefore the Justice Group gone, along with Gotham Area however from inside the chaos following plant monster assault, the fresh Joker effortlessly annexed the local government and you may turned into it into a keen authoritarian area-state. Below his signal he created a small armed forces (who would eliminate anybody who didn’t make fun of on Joker’s jokes) and put an effective bounty to your Harley Quinn to possess grab. Physically, he begin torturing Harley’s staff by ripping out Queen Shark’s teeth and then make a good necklace, pressuring Doc Psycho to view feminist rallies continuous, throwing Sy Borgman off an excellent spiral steps, and you will framing Clayface towards the a sculpture out of himself.

Unfortunately into the Joker, his victories soon paled having him, and he turned uninterested in just what he previously. The guy reminisced regarding the times however spend which have Harley Quinn, providing significantly more turbulent if they completed leading to some evil or some other. He questioned that was completely wrong with themselves, and you may became angered whenever Batman ideal it absolutely was due to the fact he try a beneficial “sociopathic narcissist”. The guy expected “who do do you believe you are, a doctor?” of which point Scarecrow chose to read, and you will torn the fresh cover up away from Batman while he was sure, incredible him or her one another as they knew he had been in reality Bruce Wayne. The Joker soon became even angrier after Scarecrow shown their title, given that Joker appreciated the newest secret, of course, if Scarecrow proceeded to share with you Harley he became upset. The guy sample acidic from the rose into their clothing on to Scarecrow’s lead, leading to his head so you’re able to explode, but also you to did not cheer-up the fresh new Joker. The guy merely reported to help you Batman regarding not receiving his electric automobile of WayneTech.

Enthusiastic about Harley, the latest Joker put-out several flyers claiming he’d play the woman crew, attempting to bait this lady in. So it been successful, however, she arrived in a suicide vest prepared to kill herself if the the guy don’t release their household members. Trying to find her alive, the guy allowed the woman for the tower and expected the woman to put for her dated Harley Quinn outfit. She declined, stating she’d rather pass away or take him along with her, however, he had this lady staff professionals regional – doing this would destroy her or him, also. Together with them since the influence, he had been in the long run in a position to coerce their to the putting it on in exchange for the launch, which he honored as “a person off my personal phrase”. He talked to help you Harley upcoming and stated that she are the brand new lost bit so you can his delight, and therefore she pretended to think, and as they both was available in for a kiss, it stabbed each other.